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ScitechSeries is pleased to extend a warm invitation to the upcoming "International Conference on Food, Nutritional & Dietetics" (IFND 2024). This esteemed event is scheduled to take place from May 20-21, 2024, in Singapore in Hybrid mode.

This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate In person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or workplace.

This conference is encountered with the theme "Centered on Remarkable Breakthroughs in Food Science and Technology."

IFND 2024 stands as the pinnacle of global gatherings for experts in the fields of food, nutrition, and dietetics, bringing together a diverse assembly of researchers, scientists, nutritionists, and healthcare professionals. The conference is dedicated to addressing critical global health concerns and underscores the importance of innovative solutions to bridge nutritional disparities.

The conference emphasizes the significance of nutrition in our daily lives, recognizing the indispensable roles of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals in sustaining essential bodily functions. Throughout the two-day event, participants will be treated to an array of enlightening experiences, including plenary talks, keynote speeches, and oral and poster presentations by preeminent researchers.

IFND 2024 promises to be an exceptional fusion of education and industry, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities for all attendees.

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Event summary

The primary aim of our food nutrition and diet conference is to assemble researchers from diverse fields to deliberate on innovative approaches in designing and manufacturing chemical products aimed at reducing or completely eliminating chemical threats in the food and nutrition industry.

This conference will be attended by senior executives, sales and marketing professionals, and strategic planners who stand to gain valuable insights across the Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics sectors. It serves as an interdisciplinary platform, fostering collaboration among academics, regulatory bodies, and various institutions, all focused on tackling the sustainability challenges we confront in the modern food industry.

We extend a warm invitation to you to contribute your research findings and share your experiences at this event.

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