Koichi Shimizu

Waseda University, Japan

It was a nice experience to present my work for the audience in the different fields from my specialty, or biomedical optics. I enjoyed the meeting and appreciate your arrangements.

Farhad Moradi

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran

The held congress was a very good opportunity to exchange scientific opinions of different people from different parts of the world. Anyway, every researcher in his specialized field has experiences that he can share in a congress like this. The sum of these experiences can greatly contribute to the development of future scientific ideas. I thank the organizers of this congress again. It was a very effective congress. I hope that I can participate in the 2025 Congress

Vladimir Sanchez Linares


I am very grateful to ICDS for this opportunity, it was a fantastic experience, the event program was great, the presentations were excellent, everything was very well organized, the organizing committee was always willing to help, particularly They always helped me a lot during this time, thank you, thank you very much for everything. see you ICDS 2025!!!

Beyan El Emin

Estelaza Clinic, UAE

My name is Dr. Beyan El Emin and I recently attended the International Conference on Dermatology & Skincare ICDS 2024 that was held on the 15th and 16th of April in Orlando,USA. I want to take a moment to share my positive testimonial of the conference. The event was incredibly well-organized, and I enjoyed the variety of sessions. The opportunity to network with professionals from diverse backgrounds was invaluable. I have gained new knowledge and insight. I want to extend my gratitude to you and the entire team for your hard work in organizing this conference.

Sofica C Bistriceanu

Academic Medical Unit, Romania

I am grateful for the opportunity to broaden my knowledge by listening to the data shared by famous physicians and nurses with decades of experience and beginners in this field worldwide. Various topics and presentation styles made it memorable, and I am eager to add other new reflective data.

Mohammed Hassen

University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Subject: Appreciation for Organizing the Global Summit on Nursing and Midwifery Dear GSNM 2024 organizer
I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your team for orchestrating such a successful Global Summit on Nursing and Midwifery. It was truly a remarkable event that brought together professionals from around the world to share insights, expertise, and experiences in our field.
I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to have presented my paper, "Living with Stigmatized Identity: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Lived Experience of Patients with Chronic Illness in Ethiopia." It was an honor to contribute to the discourse on such an important topic, and I am thankful for the platform you provided for researchers like myself to showcase our work. The virtual format of the summit allowed for seamless participation from diverse corners of the globe, fostering enriching discussions and meaningful connections despite the physical distance. Your team's dedication to ensuring the success of the event was evident in every aspect, from the organization to the execution.
Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your hard work, commitment, and dedication in making the Global Summit on Nursing and Midwifery a resounding success. I look forward to future collaborations and opportunities to contribute to advancing our field together.

Shirin Cantillon

Warwick Medical School, UK

The conference was a great opportunity to meet academics from all over the world and listen to interesting work. Although it was a very small conference, it was a good mix of in person and online presentations. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys infectious disease.

Andres Felipe Gonzalez Zapata

Cooperative University of Colombia, Colombia

This conference was a very enriching experience. Sharing knowledge with very qualified professionals fulfil all areas of infectious diseases. It deserves to be carry out again. Thanks to all the support staff that made this event possible.

Dhilippan M. Panneerselvam

Concordia University, Canada

It was a pleasure to attend this year’s ECRG 2024 conference on renewable energy. As the world revolutionizes toward alternative green and clean energy resources, this conference paved the way for me to network with like-minded fellow researchers and impart their experience and expertise in my work. I appreciate the work of Scitechseries in this virtual conference.

Ravindra Kumar

CSIR-CRRI New Delhi, India

Attending the Renewable Energy and Green Chemistry (ECRG) as a speaker was an enlightening and enriching experience. The diverse range of speakers brought fresh perspectives and insights to the table, covering topics that were not only relevant but also thought-provoking.

The discussions were dynamic and engaging, fostering collaboration and sparking new ideas. I left the conference feeling inspired and motivated to implement what I've learned into my work. Also, the organizers were nice enough to provide me with appropriate time and save travel time by making it virtual. Networking opportunities across different speakers allow me to connect with professionals from various industries and exchange ideas. The ECRG 2024 was a tremendous success, offering a platform for learning, networking, and growth.

I look forward to attending future events and continuing to be a part of such an inspiring community.

Alok Dwivedi

Faculty of Dentistry, Najran University, Saudi Arabia

Thanks a lot to organizers of the Conference ‘Dentistry and Oral Health 2024’ for providing me with opportunity to attend the conference as speaker. It was organized with high degree of professionalism and to me it was great learning experience to listen eminent speakers from different specialties. I am thrilled to take part in the Conference. Thanks again and good luck for future.

Gururaja Rao

University of Banglore, India

At the outset may I take this opportunity to express my thanks to organization and team to have organized the International meeting on 7 March 2024.

Indeed there was good participation of delegates and speakers. I am sure, learned some new topics and techniques which created more enthusiasm. I convey my best wishes to the esteemed team in future.

Mahmoud Saeed Mohammad Abdo

USM University, Malaysia

It is my honor to share with your respected and very well organized conferences at any time. I am really appreciate your extreme effort and highly scientific content related to infectious diseases speciality. Once again, let me introduce my deeply thanks for inviting me to the successive conference in Italy to present case report presentation. My hope is to support me to be involved in Ph.D. position in infectious diseases therapeutics.

Ali Jawad

Damascus University, Lebanon

I really thankful to attend the International Conference on Infectious Diseases. It was a great conference.

Sadia Amir

Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Institute of Trauma, Pakistan

The virtual International Infectious Diseases Conference (UK, March 6th) offered excellent insights into the latest breakthroughs. Can't wait to implement the learnings in my practice!

Marithe Mukoka Ntumba

National Institute of Biomedical Research, Republic of the Congo

It was a privilege to participate in this esteemed conference, despite encountering minor technical difficulties. Throughout the event, esteemed scientists and researchers from diverse corners of the globe shared their invaluable insights, fostering an environment conductive to fruitful exchange of ideas. Such interactions not only broadened our understanding of current advancements but also facilitated networking opportunities with esteemed experts in the field.

Looking ahead, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage in the next edition of this conference, as it promised to further enrich our knowledge and enable us to contribute meaningfully to the discourse on Infectious Diseases.

Srinivasa Rao Pundru

Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, India

The quality of talks at ECRG 2024 is good. Almost all scientific topics which are discussed in this event are very much useful in professional development of researchers. The scientific committee did a good job in selecting the speakers as well as in conducting the event of ECRG 2024.

Weihong He

Sichuan University, China

The talks are interesting and the conference is well organized, providing an excellence platform to meet new people from different parts of the world in the field of Green Chemistry.

Andrey Pavlychev

St. Petersburg State University, Russia

The European Conference on Renewable Energy and Green Chemistry (ECRG 2024) is truly an outstanding event.

Olha Storchylo

Odesa State University, Ukraine

I am grateful to organisators of the Conference "Green Chemistry" for the highly professional preparation of event. Big amount of speakers were organised well, without problems with order of their speeches, quality of visualization of their presentations and post-presentatation discussion. Moderator was attentive, kind and professional. I am grateful for her kind help with realization of my presentation. The Conference team have worked highly professional and helpful me at all steps of preparation for the event. I was glad to take part in the Conference.

Angela Allen

NC State University, USA

The conference was great and attendance was good until the last presentation. I learned some new areas from them. The organization was great.

Anita Rakic

Educational Institute for Public Health Splitsko-Dalmatian counties, Croatia

I really thankful for the opportunity to attend the conference. It was a great success.

American University of Kurdistan, Iraq

Aree Saeed Mustafa

I am presently serving as an Assistant Professor of Department of Accounting of Duhok University. I am very thankful to my management who gave me opportunity to attend this conference as a speaker. Global Entrepreneurship Summit Conference was awesome and it was a great experience for me.

Senior Consultant, Varanaa’s HealthCare Research and Training Org. LLP

Venkata Manjula Kumari

Thank you very much for giving me keynote speaker opportunity on this big platform. Conference hotel and staff was awesome and they treated me very well. Next I will again try to attend this conference in Canada. Big amount of speaker were organised well, without problem with other of their speeches, quality of visualization of their presentation and poster presentation discussions.

Australian University, Kuwait

Sadeq Damrah

What a delight it was to participate in such an organized summit with fun smart speakers. As a speaker, I met so many people I will stay in contact with regarding my topic.