Primary Health Care Conference 2024

Hamzeh AwadSpeaker atPrimary Health Care

Hamzeh Awad

Health Informatics Research Chair, UAE
Hasna AlBandarSpeaker atPrimary Health Care

Hasna AlBandar

Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arabia
Title: Radiation Protection of Occupational Nuclear Medicine [...] Read More
Manjula KumariSpeaker atPrimary Health Care

Manjula Kumari

Varanaa’s Health Care, India
Title: Midwifery and Woman’s Health [...] Read More
Antoni LacinaiSpeaker atPrimary Health Care

Antoni Lacinai

Lacinai AB Communication, Sweden
Title: Public Health & Healthcare Management [...] Read More
Ashley Ebot Agbor BessemSpeaker atPrimary Health Care

Ashley Ebot Agbor Bessem

Good Shepherd Clinic, Cameroon
Title: Primary Health Care [...] Read More