Primary Health Care Conference 2024

Sudhir Joshi speaker at 3rd International Conference on Primary Health Care
Sudhir Joshi

District Ayurveda Officer, India


Malnutrition in children is a serious threat to any civilization. The causes of this condition are manifold. Tremendous efforts are being carried out for resolving this problem. In this situation Ayurved can play a definitive role and henceforth a project was conceived. Charak samhita- a mainstay for treatment purpose in Ayurved has decribed several group of ten medicinal plants, known as dashemaani that are highly specific, condition oriented. In the present study malnourished children were considered in Kaarshya condition/ maansa dhatu kshaya described in Ayurved and treated in that congruence.T en children were selected for the study. To rectify it Vidarikand-Ipomoea digitata indicated in Brimhaniya-(drugs which increase weight of body) and Snehopag dashemani and Yashtimadhu- Glychrhizza glabra indicated in Jivniya( which increase vitality of body) and Snehopag dashemani were selected. The results obtained were quite encouraging . Five children were upgraded weight wise and other children too showed moderate weight gain. Improvement in subjective criteria showed holistic effects of drugs. Details would be given in full paper


Dr Sudhir Joshi officially got recognition certificate to serve as Director in UNDP committee in Youth International conference Model United Nation. Youngest Indian Dr to get this recognition & feel proud to represent India on board of United Nation’s leading agency.