Primary Health Care Conference 2024

Hasna AlBandar speaker at 3rd International Conference on Primary Health Care
Hasna AlBandar

Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arabia


In the modern diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals are successfully used for the diagnosis and, increasingly, for the treatment of diseases. Despite the increasing benefit for patients from the nuclear medicine technologies, their use pose a radiation health risk for those who are exposed, especially when radiation protection guidance and principles are not properly implemented. Three different types of exposure can occur in nuclear medicine: medical, occupational, and public. Medical exposure applies to patients of various ages who benefit from the diagnostic or therapeutic procedures for which they are referred to diagnose or treat diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and many others. Included in this group are also carers and comforters as well as volunteers in biomedical research. The second group includes occupationally exposed personnel working in a nuclear medicine practice, and the third group are the members of the public.


Hasna AL Bandar is a Saudi physicist, who graduated from King Saud University, Riyadh, with a Bachelor's degree in Science in Physics. She obtained a diploma in Nuclear medicine of Technologist (Msc. Equivalent) at the Center for Health Studies, Riyadh in the Military Hospital, as well as she had master's Degree in Medical Physics from the University of Jourdan -in Amman. she has been qualified by Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission & Technology Riyadh, to have a license of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) from Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission . She has been registered and categorized by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialists. Currently, she has been working as a Senior Medical Physicist in the medical physics department in the nuclear medicine section at Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, K.S.A for more than 15 years. She is a member of Saudi Medical Physics society as well as a member of the Middle East Committee of Medical Physics. She has participated in publishing different chapters, research, and posters related to medical physics on several sites, magazines, and platforms locally and internationally.