Primary Health Care Conference 2024

Ashley Ebot Agbor Bessem speaker at 3rd International Conference on Primary Health Care
Ashley Ebot Agbor Bessem

Good Shepherd Clinic, Cameroon


Primary Health Care (PHC) is a fundamental component of healthcare systems worldwide, with the goal of ensuring equitable access to care that is coordinated with community needs. This abstract highlights the importance of PHC in improving health outcomes, reducing disparities, and promoting health equity. PHC encompasses health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care, delivered at the individual and population levels. It is essential for community improvement and balance of socioeconomic conditions, and it is the first level of contact that health consumers have with the health care system.


Ashley Ebot Agbor-Bessem is a prominent figure in the field of public health, with a background in health care management, policy, and public health. She has held various significant positions, including Community health supervisor, General Manager assistant at the regional delegation of public health, a Consultant at Destiny Health Unit and a medical laboratory technician at standard medical laboratory in Kumba. She is currently working with Good Shepherd clinic, buea as a Field epidemiologists.