Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2024

2 nd International Conference on Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 | October 19-20, 2023 | Montreal, Canada

The previous series of Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 was held in Montreal, Canada at Sheraton Laval Hotel, Quebec, Canada, on Oct 19-20, 2023 based on the specific theme of "Development and Latest Trends of Entrepreneurship" captures the collaborative spirit of the Conference which will be both a business and educational event.

The conference began with a keynote address by Dr. Alessandra Scroccaro, who spoke about for a sustainable entrepreneurial university a comparison between the American and the European Entrepreneurship Center System, the Social Researcher as an Entrepreneur: Innovations that really work by Simon L. Dolan, Foreignness on entrepreneurial performance: Liabilities and Benefits by Sibin Wu and a keynote session on Accessing the inaccessible: Reflections upon mixed qualitative methods in exploring the journeys of adult entrepreneurial refugees by Rosa Lisa IANNONE.

The conference featured Nineteenth plenary sessions, including a panel discussion on Engineering College and Business College: Rivalry or Cooperation? A Proposed Entrepreneurship Integration Model by Sadeq Damrah, Women Entrepreneurship by Dr. V.V Manjula, Creative Industries in the Digital Age: Driving Economic Growth, Cultural Exchange, and Democratization of Creativity by Naseem Khassawneh and a session on the Driving Economic Recovery, Growth and Productivity  with Universities as the Engine by Aaron Tan, UK.

We hope that with your cooperation, the next annual event will be even more successful.