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Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 invites Business Tycoons, Women Entrepreneurs, Enthusiastic youth, Academic Entrepreneurs, Small-scale Industrial People, Scholars, Academicians, Students and Corporate entities across the globe to join at the International Conference on Global Entrepreneurship Summit held during October 19-20, 2023 at Montreal, Canada. The conference focuses on Development and Latest Trends of Entrepreneurship”.

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023  is the great conference for the fast-changing world of business and money. It brings together the technology, the people and the experts that will keep you ahead of the exciting changes that are sweeping your profession. Whether you are an accountant or bookkeeper in private practice or a finance manager in a small business, this is the event for you. This is about different and better in data, analytics, decision making, funding and results. It is core to improving the overall performance of your business.

Are you planning to start a new business?? Don't have any background?? Want some useful tips from the successful Entrepreneurs then come and participate in our ever 2nd Edition of Global Entrepreneurship Summit which is going to be held in Montreal, Canada from October 19-20, 2023It focuses on the theme: Development and Latest Trends of Entrepreneurship. So this conference provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments within the field.


Publication Opportunities of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 
All accepted submissions of the conference have the following publication opportunities:

Conference Abstract Book
All accepted and registered abstracts for the
Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 will be published in the Conference Abstract Book with an associated ISBN Number.

The Abstract Book will be available on the conference day.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors of all accepted abstracts who have registered at the Conference are encouraged to submit full papers for publication in the Conference proceedings. The Conference Proceedings will be published with an ISBN Number. Full Paper Submissions for conference proceedings will be subjected to a double-blind review process and will be published electronically with a DOI number.

Benefits of publication in the Conference Proceeding:

  • Each Paper will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref.
  • The proceedings shall be submitted to Google Scholar for Indexing.
  • All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings with ISBN Number.


Why to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023?

Attending an appropriate conference at an appropriate time may sometimes lead to the great end of the line. The benefits are as follows:

• To have great interactions with the successful Entrepreneurs

• Discuss the latest trends in the Business Management

• Can know the aye and nay of starting a business

• Meet the Bigwigs of different business

• Facilitate the Knowledge Exchange

• To have a chat with the co- businessmen around the world

• Collaborations between the industries and academics


Target Audience

These meetings have a wide range of affiliations that comes into its folds. It includes mainly the following target audiences:

Directors, CEO's | Business Development Managers | Business Societies | Entrepreneurs | Business Professors | Deans | Students & Ph.D. Scholars | Start-Up Entrepreneurs | Business Entrepreneurs | Marketing People | Business Tycoons | Women Entrepreneurs | Enthusiastic youth | Academic Entrepreneurs.


Benefits of Attending our Conference:                   

  • Get publication of your abstract with DOI

  • Young Entrepreneur Award recognition certificate and memento to the winners.

  • Be acquainted with the modern-day improvements and demanding situations inside your industry.

  • Our conferences provide best Platform for your business through oral presentations and new ideas.

  • Learn about business improvement with all the latest technologies.

  • Young Entrepreneur will get appropriate and timely information by this Forum.

  • Platform for collaboration among young entrepreneur for better development.

  • Share the ideas with both businessmen and mentors.

  • It’s a great privilege for young entrepreneur to learn about the business ideas for expanding their business knowledge and increase participation.

  • Great resource for learning new career skills & Global exposure to your business.


Importance & Scope:

The main scope and importance of the Conference are to bring all the wings of the business and entrepreneurship under one roof and share their experiences, pros, and cons with us. Discussion of the innovative and recent trends in the business field will be the main criteria of the conference.

Note: For visa processing our organisation will provide you an official invitation letter and visa covering letter along with payment receipt. 

For more details related to visa, you can visit here: VISA INFORMATION


Market analysis

Market Size: The market for entrepreneurship is expected to continue to grow in 2024. According to a report by Global Market Insights, the global entrepreneurship market size was valued at over $30 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 5% from 2019 to 2025. This growth is driven by factors such as increasing government initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, a growing number of startups, and the availability of funding and resources for entrepreneurs.

Competition: The market for entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly crowded, with new startups and entrepreneurship-focused organizations emerging all the time. Some notable competitors include accelerators and incubators, coworking spaces, and entrepreneurship-focused events and conferences. However, by offering unique value propositions and tailored content, entrepreneurship-focused organizations can differentiate themselves and attract a loyal following.

SWOT Analysis:


• Entrepreneurship is a growing industry, with increasing government support and access to funding and resources.
• The availability of technology and online resources is making it easier for aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses.
• Entrepreneurship-focused organizations can offer valuable networking opportunities and support for entrepreneurs.


• Starting and growing a successful business can be challenging, and not everyone has the necessary skills, resources, or support.
• The competition in the entrepreneurship market can be fierce, and it can be difficult to stand out.

Event summary

Following the tradition of successful events held in North & South Americas and with the magnificent success and overwhelming response, we are privileged to announce 2nd International conference on Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 titled “Development and Latest Trends of Entrepreneurship” which is scheduled on October 19-20, 2023, Montreal, Canada

It focuses on the theme: Development and Latest Trends of Entrepreneurship. So this conference provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest developments within the field. The main scope and importance of the Conference is to bring all the wings of the business and entrepreneurship under one roof and share their experiences, pros, and cons with us. discussions of the innovative and up to date trends within the business field are the most criteria of the conference. 

Business, Finance and economics have not only aided in the advancement of several sectors of Management and Finance, but have also made significant contributions to the betterment of human economic quality. All of this is possible because to many discoveries and inventions that have led to the creation of various applications. The main goal of the Annual Economic conference is to allow participants to network, communicate, and exchange new ideas in the domains of Finance, Business and Economics.

Join our team Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023 at Montreal (beautiful city of Canada) and let’s make this professional gathering a Great success.


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