SciTechSeries Conferences play an important role in identifying and disseminating the most recent research findings. Our distinguished speakers and performers are encouraged to select unpublished research topics or topics that have not yet been published. These conferences are held in a variety of locations throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the United States, and Canada.

We are a growing network of postdoctoral researchers and the next generation of leading scientists dedicated to fostering change through the exchange of ideas and insights in an international scientific forum. Our platform hosts exceptional events and conferences with a focus on science, engineering, business, and technology. We contribute to the creation of an intuitive platform for professionals, scholars, young and seasoned minds with cutting-edge ideas capable of transforming the world today.

SciTechSeries Conferences describes itself as "A Logical Mind Platform for and by Logical Minds."

SciTechSeries Conferences, with a goal of becoming a full-fledged knowledge sharing and networking platform, invites scholars and faculty from various disciplines to deliver lectures on the most current and intriguing topics that inspire real transformation. Our conferences bring together seasoned scientists and researchers to collaborate on a variety of key issues confronting the world today. New ideas and practices are introduced during this collaborative process in order to maximize participation from conference attendees.

SciTechSeries Conferences provide a forum for Young Investigators to...

  • Engage with and network with eminent scholars, researchers, and Nobel laureates.
  • Investigate more personal and thought-provoking topics.
  • Enjoy rewarding advantages.

Our Vision

"We aim to bring the research and innovations happening around the world to facilitate interaction, knowledge sharing, and exchange." We also hope to inspire university professors, students, researchers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields, including but not limited to clinical, medical, business, technology, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. Through scientific gatherings and deliberations, we hope to bring advancements in science and technology to humanity. We believe in introducing novel methods and techniques in science, business, and technology to provide a better understanding of the developments."

Our objective

How do we reach out to our target audiences in the scientific and business communities?

  • We make previously unknown research available to a large number of people.
  • Our events address the research needs of target audiences from academia, industry, corporations, government, non-government organizations, and public bodies.
  • We Participate. Enlighten. People who are deprived of information should be empowered.
  • We bring together international behemoths to find simple solutions to the world's complex medical and healthcare challenges.
  • We bring unrestricted research opportunities to segments of the population who have been isolated from advances in science and technology.
  • Young and emerging researchers and scholars are encouraged.
  • We offer continuing education credits to help you advance in your career and academics.
  • We encourage new ventures in science, technology, and business for social and economic benefit.

How do our events affect change?

  • By encouraging the development of new therapies and medications for diseases and disorders.
  • By advocating for good public health practices and disease prevention.
  • By disseminating fascinating engineering, technological, and business innovations.
  • By promoting current academic research trends.
  • By combining technological advances capable of transforming the medical field.
  • By raising the level of research excellence to meet industry standards.

Come and meet the dependable and friendly conference partner for all researchers around the world.

Our Presentation Forum includes the following:

Keynote Forum – Keynote speakers are frequently chosen to generate interest in a specific event, such as a conference or a major meeting. The choice of a keynote speaker who is well-known for his or her knowledge in a specific sector, or who is widely recognized for other accomplishments, increases the enthusiasm of potential participants for a meeting or conference. A keynote speech is given to set the underlying tone for summarizing the program's key message or the most significant disclosure. In this type of presentation gathering, students, young scientists, and other attendees have the opportunity to connect with our keynote speakers who present their expertise on selected topics of relevance.

Mini-Plenary Sessions – At our conferences, we actively engage participants in mini-plenary sessions to facilitate expert talks and discussion on the most recent industry challenges and solutions.

Distinguished Speakers’ Forum – Patrons will be able to connect with renowned and distinguished speakers from various fields, such as science, education, business, medicine, and others.

Student Forum – Futuristic ideas that have the potential to change the world usually emerge from the minds of young people. SciTechSeries Conferences' student forum is one of the most vibrant and action-packed gatherings.

Poster Sessions – Our poster sessions provide a venue for academia, investors, sponsors, entrepreneurs, young scientists, and fellow researchers to display their presentations in the form of visually appealing posters.

Young Investigators' Forum – Use this forum to network with other young investigators and researchers while discussing the most recent methodologies and topics in science, medicine, engineering, and technology.

Educational Workshops – Our workshops promote knowledge dissemination by engaging attendees in a variety of exercises designed to improve their skills and techniques on current and relevant topics.

Research Workshops – These are intended for the professional community, which includes researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, and scientists, to present their new research to invited guests who show a strong interest in the topic and share their innovative ideas.

Corporate Workshops – Patrons attend these workshops to discuss new strategies for exploring and expanding into new markets, as well as to advance managerial skills in communication, team building, strategy development, and leadership, among other things.

Mini-Symposia – These are one-of-a-kind sessions in which we give more than one keynote speaker a platform to present their coordinated ideas and points of view on a single topic. Each group of presenters will be given a set amount of time to discuss the assigned topic of relevance, with the time being divided equally among the presenters.

Highlights of the Day Session - This session provides attendees with an opportunity to review all of the main topics and activities covered during the conference.

Meet the Professor – These are interactive sessions where participants can meet and network with the attending researchers, scientists, and distinguished disciplinarians from various fields.

Training Programs – We are committed to the presentation of defined and specially designed training programs that are unique. These functional trainings provide participants with learning solutions for current and future corporate and academic challenges.

Investor Meetings – These meetings serve as a catalyst for new businesses (Call for Start-ups) to enter the market with innovative and stimulating products and services. We contribute to the development of a strong community of investors and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to

Host- a plethora of inter-disciplinary international conferences around the world in order to foster the exchange of ideas and exercise the coherence of cutting-edge developments in science, technology, business, medicine, pharma, and a variety of other domains.

Promote - advances in science and technology and support the knowledge-based society by bringing together a community of like-minded intuitive students, researchers, and scholars to create opportunities for such ideas and their applications in the field of science education.

Transform – the existing science, education, and business worlds with new methodologies, and allow thought leaders to collaborate with innovators to bring about the most progressive changes for the benefit of humanity.

What are the Benefits of SciTechSeries Conferences?

Programs for Annual Membership – Students, entrepreneurs, and speakers can now sign up for our Annual Membership Programs, which allow them to attend multiple conferences and meet with distinguished personalities from various fields all in one place.

Sponsorships – Use our custom exhibition sponsorship packages to reach out to specific audiences at each conference. Our extensive database and affiliation with top-tier media networks will help your business grow by increasing lead generation.

Best Destinations – Our organizers are experts at choosing some of the best tourist destinations as conference locations, giving attendees and speakers a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

Credits – Clinicians, medical practitioners, and allied health professionals can use our conference platform to earn or redeem CME/CE/CPD credits, which will assist them in meeting their medical licensing requirements.

Associations – We collaborate with prestigious international societies and associations around the world to ensure the smooth planning and execution of conferences. SciTechSeries Conferences is also in discussions with several industry peers and academic institutions about potential collaborations.

SciTechSeries offers Student Travel Awards to "budding" young investigators and students in order to encourage careers in science, medicine, business, technology, and other fields.

Business Matchmaking – Facilitating collaboration between small business owners and investors or sponsors is a high priority on our agenda. We provide a large environment for young entrepreneurs to meet and greet their peers from government agencies and large multinational corporations in order to exchange ideas and form alliances for a better future.


Workshops are a popular meeting format for eliciting participants' knowledge and skills.

SciTech Series, the International Conference Organizer, has been successfully delivering annual conferences that bring together scientific titans and industry stalwarts from around the world, such as international speakers, researchers, educators, and stakeholders. These annual conferences include workshops and symposiums in a variety of science, business, and technology fields. These workshops are designed to provide participants with learning outcomes by engaging them in in-depth discussions about the most recent trends, tools, and developments.

General Guidelines:

Workshops are designed to help participants achieve desired learning objectives such as increased knowledge, deeper understanding, and improved skills.

The conference will include half-day and full-day workshops, and we encourage interested parties to submit proposals before the deadline. Proposals received after this date will not be considered for inclusion.

The Workshop Organizers Agree That:

  • The conference must be attended by all co-organizers and presenters.
  • Organizers should make certain that each workshop has a minimum of 10 participants and is either half-day (3 hours) or full-day (6 hours) in length.
  • Co-organizers and presenters should not submit their workshop proposals as a single abstract, according to organizers.
  • Organizers should make certain that all presenters register for the conference in advance.

Tracks for the Conference:

To gain a better understanding of the topic of your workshop, we kindly request that you select the tracks of interest from the respective conferences.

Types of Workshops and Presentations:

The main goal of including workshops is to facilitate knowledge transfer through audience interactions. Workshops can range in length from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the subject matter and relevance of the topics discussed.

In the workshop proposal, organizers should specify the workshop type and duration. The following are the various workshop types that are available:

Regular Workshop:

Regular workshops last 1 to 3 hours and include up to 5 presentations. These workshops allow for plenty of time for audience interaction.

Workshops for skill development:

  • 3 to 6 hour sessions designed to specifically build the capacity and knowledge of conference delegates. These workshops consist of only 1-3 presentations and devote the majority of their time to collaborative learning and skill development. Typically, workshops are planned with a number of presentations followed by a discussion. The maximum number of abstract submissions permitted for this type is five.
  • Workshops that include 1-2 presentations as well as a panel discussion are still considered regular workshops. In these cases, we strongly advise you to include the number of abstracts as well as the names and affiliations of the panelists.

Technical Requirements:

  • Each workshop room will have one screen and one podium.
  • When necessary, workshop presenters will be outfitted with microphones.
  • Speakers are not provided in workshop rooms, and requests for speakers must be made in advance.
  • Presenters are expected to bring their own laptop computers. If you're using a Mac, bring any necessary cables to connect to the projector.
  • Presenters must bring any workshop-related materials with them, including an electronic copy of their workshop presentation.
  • Wireless internet access will be available throughout the conference facility.

Guidelines for Proposals:

Proposals on all topics should be structured as follows:

Explain the workshop's goals and motivations in a few sentences. This section can include information such as the workshop's value, coherence between the presentation and the workshop's related topic, and so on. In this section, you should also describe the format of your workshop. The maximum word count is 250.

Aim: Summarize the impact of the proposed workshop in a maximum of 150 words in a short message.

Presentations: In this section, specify the number of presentations. The maximum number of presentations allowed for any workshop is five.

Presenters: In this section, specify the number of presenters. Enter the presenter's name, institute, and email address.

Social Media Statement: Please provide us with a statement about your workshop that is no more than 120 characters long and will be used for promotions on our various social media platforms. Use attention-grabbing words or phrases, as well as relevant hash tags, to create a call to action.

Evaluation Procedure: All submitted proposals will be peer-reviewed by the International Scientific Committee, which is made up of experts from all over the world. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the proposals that have been reviewed:

  • Is the workshop's subject matter appropriate for the conference?
  • Are the workshop's objectives clearly stated?
  • Are the topics covered novel and cutting-edge?
  • Is the workshop hands-on?

Online Workshop Proposal Submission Site:

  • All workshop proposals must be submitted online.
  • Edits to saved proposals are only permitted until the deadline for the final round of abstract submissions. All proposals must be submitted by this date or before.
  • Keep a copy of any proposals you submit.
  • Please contact us if you have any further questions.

If Your Proposal Is Accepted, Please Follow These Steps:

  • The information you provide during the online submission process will be used to populate the program.
  • You are confirming that each of your workshop presenters will deliver the workshop in person and is responsible for his or her own travel and lodging expenses.
  • You agree that all facilitators will register for the conference and pay the applicable registration fee before the deadline.

Dates to Remember:

Any conference's online submission period begins at least 12 months before the event.


Emerging technologies and start-ups that are attempting to revolutionize science, medicine, business, and technology.

SciTechSeries Conferences provide an environment for Startups to network with Investors and Founders for a variety of investment opportunities in healthcare, biotech, pharma, technology, and other fields...

SciTechSeries intends to create a welcoming environment for start-ups. Our goal is to inspire, energize, and strengthen the tender and scattered ideas so that they can take shape.

Startups will work with our global team of consultants, successful entrepreneurs, and investors on unique day-to-day operations to help entrepreneurs gain new insight and focus. CEOs and chief divisional heads from the medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and technology industries would attend our events to mentor budding and emerging start-up ideas. Investors, Techno-functional experts, technical and business analysts, business development personnel, R&D experts, and Monitoring and Evaluation experts will attend our meetings, and start-ups will benefit from their valuable suggestions and inputs.

Why Should You Attend Startup Events?

  • Startup founders want to pitch their new business ideas, get funding, or seek advice from specialists.
  • Investors are on the lookout for new investment opportunities.
  • Marketers come to learn new tricks, assess the industry, and keep an eye on the competition.
  • Business consultants assist inexperienced founders and teach effective business practices.

Medical Entrepreneurship

Medical start-ups are broadly classified into 11 categories, which include online pharmacies, telemedicine, private health management, home healthcare, fitness & wellness, diagnostics, biotech R&D, medical devices, healthcare IT, biopharmaceuticals, and genomics. Startups in one of these verticals use AI, ML, and other cutting-edge technology to improve access, affordability, and healthcare quality.

Medical start-ups interested in working on innovative drugs, diagnostic devices, and rehabilitation efforts can attend our meetings on cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, dermatology, nephrology, dentistry, pharmacovigilance, novel drug discovery, nano medicine, and other topics to learn from experts in these fields.

Similarly, startups based on nutrition, physical activities such as Gyms and yoga, and so on, can choose to attend our conferences on lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, neurological disorders, psychology, and psychiatry to gain insights from experts.

Start-ups in Engineering and Technology

Engineering and technology may undergo similar dramatic changes in the coming decade. Several start-ups are leading the way with innovative techniques that have the potential to revolutionize the market. Hundreds of new start-ups are launched every day in various industries such as Aerospace, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Computer and Electronics Manufacturing, Energy, Manufacturing, Materials, Medical Equipment and Device Manufacturing, Robotics, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. Our engineering conferences on Medical Devices, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Nano Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics would foster young entrepreneurship and innovations, build a start-up culture, and foster venture capitalism in order to keep knowledge and technology accessible to all.

Furthermore, startups meet investors, learn from successful entrepreneurs from around the world, and present their projects on the competition and innovation market; and major technology corporations, public officials, and development representatives discuss tech trends and methods to create a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Biotech and pharmaceutical start-ups

Our biotech and pharmaceutical conferences stimulate, promote, and improve the strategic research and innovation capacities of the biotech industry, particularly start-ups and SMEs across the globe.

The majority of these companies' combined goal is to develop expertise, technology, and products that fight infectious diseases or provide solutions to other global problems.

Furthermore, our global biotech and pharma scientific gatherings support the global innovation ecosystem by encouraging academic and business innovators to collaborate or work independently. We are on a mission to turn basic research with challenges into commercial results.

Attending these meetings will provide you with access to a wealth of useful insights, advice, sharing experiences, thoughts, recommendations, and suggestions from industry experts such as founders, entrepreneurs, start-up employees, marketers, managers, owners, managers, VCs, Angel investors, and business consultants.

The following rules apply to start-ups that attend our events.

There is no entry fee for start-ups.

  • Start-ups are evaluated and selected based on criteria such as clarity, usability, stability, scalability, adherence, integration, profitability, business model, work team, or global vision.
  • The selected projects will have 15-20 minutes to present their concept to a panel of judges and investors in an Elevator Pitch.
  • The best of the five will be recognized with the following prizes:
    • The conference's Best Startup
    • The Most Innovative Concepts
    • Technological Excellence Start-ups
    • Startup with a track record of scalability and feasibility

This is a unique feature of SciTechSeries conferences, and interested start-ups can prepare a company portfolio and email it to us to be included in the competition.


Collaboration to Advance Scientific Excellence

Why Is Connectivity Important?

Staying connected and connected in today's technological world is not a herculean task. The real challenge, however, is connecting with a credible and trustworthy partner so that your efforts can begin to pay off. Whether in academia or industry, institutions or business entities sailing in partnership with the fraternity would provide the necessary inputs, infrastructure, know-how, and, of course, valuable personal contacts to advance in one's career or business.

SciTechSeries understands the concerns of individual scientists working in isolation in laboratories, as well as multinational pharmaceutical corporations. Through Investor meetings, technology fairs, trade shows, science/academic conferences, job fairs, and corporate workshops, we foster scientific alliances and partnerships.

When Universities Collaborate with Funding Agencies

Universities in today's competitive world can attract students by offering more than just faculty and infrastructure. They require projects, patents, product innovations, and product placement. Only the right academy-industry collaborations can help academia excel as the best research and academic destination. SciTechSeries gathers the best from corporate and industry to meet the needs of needy universities through academic meets and summits.

The Advantages of Academic-Industry Collaborations

  • Grants for projects/sponsorship placements
  • New project collaboration
  • Knowledge and technology exchange between academia and industry
  • Networking and the formation of university-based startups
  • Integrating academia and market needs in order to sell its products
  • Increased employment

Scientific collaboration adds credibility to your research.

All major pharmaceutical and medical innovations, such as targeted drugs, diagnostic devices, and clinical trials, are acceptable and approved for public consumption only after they have been cleared by monitoring agencies such as the National Health Association, American Public Health Association, and FDA, among others. No research institute can afford to reveal great innovations without the agencies' effective collaboration in marketing their innovations. For developing new products for complex public health needs, bilateral and multilateral collaboration of like-minded or multidisciplinary research is equally important. To cater to the data-driven knowledge society, pharmaceutical research organizations are being forced to collaborate with computational or bioinformatics centers. Only research publications backed by reputable scientific agencies and associations are considered authentic in the scholarly world. SciTechSeries scientific events attract the cream of the crop of scientific publishers, research institutes, policymakers, universities, and the industry, where the scientific and research fraternity interact and form meaningful collaborations.

The Advantages of Research/Academic Collaboration with Scientific Agencies

  • Being able to create a credible image in order to attract funds, resources, and human capital
  • They want to be able to patent their products.
  • Add credibility by having reputable organizations back up your research.
  • Public-private research collaborations
  • Technical, financial, and infrastructural support to accelerate innovation

The Interface and Convergence of Technology in the Corporate Sector

Agriculture, banking, manufacturing, and services are among the traditional and modern sectors of the economy that are converting to a digital mode in order to keep up with the pace at which the human-technology interface is evolving. Corporate sectors of all kinds require constant knowledge and skill up-gradation, and our techno-fairs and trade summits are useful for automation, up-gradation, and networking. SciTechSeries corporate summits exclusively cater to corporate needs by bringing together all of the major stakeholders such as venture capitalists, techno-functional experts, share market pundits, and business promoters on the same platform to meet the needs of the corporate sector.

Advantages of Corporate Convergence and Collaboration with Techno-functional Agencies

  • To be able to comprehend technological advancements and changes
  • To be able to quickly adapt to market demands in order to capitalize on major opportunities
  • Through networking and collaboration, you can gain access to funding bodies, technology enhancers, and trainers.
  • Getting more efficient with the changes in order to save money
  • Improve quality by introducing efficiency.

Summits on Finance and Venture Capital

Accessible and credible financial backup at an affordable scale and phase is critical for long-term corporate and industrial development, whether in developing or developed countries. A single point of contact for capital investment approval accelerates the entrepreneurial zeal for establishing innovative ventures that generate employment, wealth, and funds for future research. Investments, on the other hand, are frequently based on an exact assessment of the project's strengths and weaknesses, which include market demand for the product or service, technical background, infrastructural setup, skilled labor, and, of course, the entrepreneur's ability to reach the market through appropriate distribution channels. Our financial and investor meetings provide a full range of services under one roof, allowing both novice and veteran entrepreneurs to access services such as market forecasting, technical appraisal, cost-revenue projection, product or service promotion, and skilled experts on the same platform, allowing entrepreneurs to approach venture capitalists for funding with favorable terms and concessions.

The following are some of the advantages of integrating funding services for industry and corporations:

  • Assessment of technical, financial, and human resources
  • Forecasting the market
  • Examining the venture's viability
  • Obtain financial assistance in order to become an entrepreneur.