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About Conference

ScitechSeries is delighted to extend a warm invitation to attend "Global Summit on Pathology" (Pathology 2024) which has been scheduled as a Hybrid Event during May 20-21, 2024 in Singapore.

The conference will be centered around the theme of "Unraveling Innovative Approaches in Disease Identification."

This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate as In person at Singapore or Virtually from your home or workplace.

The Pathology 2024 event will offer comprehensive insights into pathology research and the advancement of innovative diagnostic techniques for human diseases. At this event, you'll have the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge advancements in pathology, explore breakthrough technologies, and engage with experts who are shaping the future of this field. 

Let us unite for the betterment of our world's future, for the next generation of mankind, and for collective endeavors to bring about meaningful change within our capacity. As a premier gathering of leading pathologists, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals from around the world, our conference promises to be a dynamic platform for innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

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Event summary

The primary objective of the Pathology Conference is to serve as a nexus for the pathology community, uniting professionals, researchers, and experts in the field with a shared commitment to advancing the science and practice of pathology. It foster connections and collaborations among professionals, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences and promoting a global perspective in pathology.

We warmly invite you to share your research publications and experiences!

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