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Oculoplastics and Orbit Surgery

Oculoplastic medical procedure generally comprises of customary ways to deal with huge numbers of the experienced illnesses. Our claim to fame has entrenched strategies for most medical procedures and we utilize our great antiquated careful instruments, however propels are constantly being made to enhance understanding results while in the meantime maintaining sound careful and restorative standards as indicated by life systems. These advances are made in both careful and non-careful ways to deal with practical and stylish oculoplastic medical procedure. There has been a considerable measure of fervor in oculoplastic medical procedure as of late. New careful procedures, a large number of which are less intrusive, new corrective devices with specific utility around the eyes, and new group approaches have energized the fervor. The maturing child of post war America populace has expanded interest for restorative strategies; the capacity to work outside the conventional protection framework has added force to the intrigue and interest of ophthalmologists.


The orbit (eye socket) is the cone-formed hard hole in which the eyes are arranged. It is cushioned with greasy tissue and contains eye muscles, nerves, organs and holes, all of which assume vital parts in eye capacity and wellbeing. The eye attachment can be influenced by a scope of orbital issue, including aggravation, tumours, fundamental infections, innate scatters and physical wounds.


Eyelid Reconstruction



Lacrimal Surgery

C-DCR Conjunctivo-Dacryocystorhinostomy (tear duct bypass with implant).

Punctual Stenosis and Stent

Dacryocystorhinostomy Surgery