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Ocular Trauma

Injuries to the eye and surrounding structures can be caused by blunt trauma from sport balls, fists, or airsoft/pellet/paintball guns; sharp trauma such as a stick, projectiles or knives; or chemical trauma such as splash from a caustic substance like a cleaning material or pool supplies.  Safety glasses should be worn at all times while playing with airsoft/pellet/paintball guns and these should never be pointed at anyone’s faces. Injuries to the eye can involve the eyelids, the bones surrounding the eye, and the eyeball itself. Eyelid injuries usually occur as a result of sharp trauma from sticks or projectiles during play or while working around the house. Fractures of the bones around the eye usually occur from blunt trauma, such as a sports injury or a fall with injury to the nose and cheekbone (blow-out fracture).  The front, clear surface of the eye called the cornea can be scratched and often causes pain, redness and tearing. Sharp objects (such as a stick, shard of glass, or metallic item) can actually cut the surface of the eye causing a laceration.


Retro bulbar Haemorrhage

Traumatic Optic Neuropathy

White-Eyed & Other Blowout Orbital Fractures

Lid Lacerations

Chemical Burns