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Diagnostic and Imaging Tools in Ophthalmology

This territory for by and large spotlights in giving data on various demonstrative and imaging instruments that are used, the latest headways and the novel frameworks that are taken after to enhance the finding and therapeutic imaging of various visual diseases. Different imaging instruments right now accessible for assessment of the globe and circle. Ophthalmic imaging is a fundamental piece of crafted by every single ophthalmic division. It enables the ophthalmic to record the discoveries from clinical visual examination in a goal, reproducible, transmissible and tough way. The progression of innovation has tremendously affected the treatment of ophthalmic radiology. Prior the ultrasonography (USG) was the main devices accessible for ophthalmic assessment. Presently the propelled accessibility of Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), the finding of the pathologic conditions can be made with considerably more sureness than previously.


Phoropters & Refractors


Colour Fundus Photography


Pupil Distance Meters







Lens Blockers

Corneal Topography Systems

Ophthalmic Perimeters