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Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric nursing specializes in the comprehensive care of new-borns through adolescence. These nurses bring expertise to support children and families from infancy to late teens. With advanced pediatric training, they collaborate closely with physicians and healthcare peers who share a commitment to child well-being. Similar to regular nurses, they conduct physical exams, collect data, and administer tests like blood and urine samples. Advanced practitioners interpret results for diagnoses and treatment strategies. Beyond medical tasks, pediatric nurses dedicate significant time to educating parents and caregivers on child care and health protection. They manage injuries and illnesses, creating home care plans for chronic conditions like juvenile diabetes. Preventive care and health education are integral aspects of pediatric nursing, focusing on promoting well-being and guiding families in meeting children's unique needs.

  • Children, And Adolescents
  • Bio psychosocial Needs
  • Evidence-Based Practice