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Oncology Nursing

Oncology encompasses cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Oncology nurses work in diverse settings like hospitals, clinics, oncologists' offices, radiation centres, homes, and communities. They specialize in areas such as surgical, radiation, gynaecologic, paediatric, and medical oncology. These nurses need strong compassion and resilience to navigate emotionally demanding situations. Despite the challenges, being an Oncology Nurse offers crucial support to patients fighting cancer, fostering survival. Their roles span from intensive care for bone marrow transplants to community-based cancer screening. Oncology nurses forge deep connections with patients and families due to their personalized care. They're relied upon to answer questions, provide emotional support, and manage symptoms. This nurturing relationship helps patients and loved ones cope with the journey towards recovery.

  • Patient-facing
  • Treatment and Care of Cancer Patients
  • Informing and Educating Patient and Their Families
  • Patient Assessment
  • Direct Patient Care