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Biomass and its conversion

Track 05 :

Biomass and its conversion:

Biomass can be transformed into diverse forms of energy by using various processes. Numerous factors affect the choice of the process like quantity of biomass feedstock, desired energy form, environmental standards, economic conditions, and project specific factors. Biomass can be transformed into heat generation, transportation fuels and chemical feedstock. Biomass conversion technologies includes thermo chemical conversion and biochemical conversion. In thermo-chemical conversion, energy is produces by applying heat and chemical processes. There are four thermo-chemical conversion methods which comprises combustion, Pyrolysis, gasification and liquefaction process where as bio-chemical conversion includes digestion and Fermentation.


Biomass Resources, Conversion Technologies

Bio-based Chemicals and Reactions

Biomass Policies, Markets

Biomass Applications

Biogas & Waste-to-Energy