Nutritional Deficiencies and Disorders

Nutritional Deficiencies and Disorders

Nutrient deficiencies arise from poor dietary intake, impaired digestion, or malabsorption. Often underestimated, nutritional disorders frequently complicate chronic conditions. These disorders stem from reduced food consumption and metabolic imbalances, contributing to delayed recovery, increased morbidity, and mortality. They encompass a wide range of concerns, spanning from general malnutrition to obesity-linked overnutrition, eating disorders, and diseases influenced by nutrition in their pathogenesis. The global burden of both undernutrition and obesity poses significant public health challenges.

  • Macronutrient Deficiencies

  • Micronutrient Deficiencies

  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

  • Clinical Deficiencies

  • Malnutrition

  • Undernutrition

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