Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Diet holds considerable influence as a modifiable factor affecting noncommunicable disease risk like cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and cancers. Nutrition's role in health is well-established. Nutrigenetics explores gene variations influencing nutritional responses and their connection to diseases, particularly cancer. Given cancer's global impact, understanding genetic factors, like DNA instability, shaped by nutrition is crucial. Nutrigenomic, a novel discipline, examines how diets affect genes using molecular techniques. It dissects reactions to diets in individuals and populations, differentiating from nutrigenetics focused on gene-nutrient links impacting disease risks. Nutrigenomics delves into all nutrient facets' effects on gene expression, encompassing food-based, dietary, and supplemental agents. It scrutinizes genome-wide nutrient influences on cells, tissues, and organisms, pinpointing genes affecting diet-related ailments.

  • DNA, Genetics, and Nutrition

  • Nutrigenomics impact on diet

  • Experimental Approaches

  • Technologies Used

  • Future Research Predictions

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