About Conference

Welcome to Rome!

The ScitechSeries is looking forward to welcoming you to its European Pediatrics Conference, to be held in Rome, Italy in 2024.

It is our pleasure to cordially invite you all, to this unique scientific event where the state-of-the-art of a variety of topics within the field of pediatrics will be discussed and presented. The main theme of our conference will be ‘Global Child Health Initiatives: Bridging Gaps, Saving Lives’. The conference will facilitate in-depth discussions on a broad spectrum of topics within the field of pediatrics and its associated research areas. Join us at this occasion and share your own research and expertise with your colleagues!

Between May 20-21, 2024, Rome will be the place to be for a diverse audience of professionals, researchers, and stakeholders involved in the field of pediatrics and child healthcare. The event will provide a forum for participants to network with colleagues from all over Europe and beyond.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is a city that boasts a wealth of historical, cultural, and architectural treasures. Rome's multifaceted importance, as a cradle of civilization, a spiritual center, a cultural treasure trove, a political capital, and a global tourist destination, underscores its enduring significance on the world stage.

The city has many things to offer, with our organizing committee working diligently to ensure it becomes an unforgettable event.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Rome!

Event summary

Conferences serve as crucial platforms for both academic researchers and business leaders, fostering valuable interactions. They encompass a diverse range of activities, including numerous presentations, engaging breakout sessions, practical product demonstrations, and unparalleled networking chances.

European Pediatrics Conference is the annual gathering in the field of pediatric research, welcoming professionals at all career stages for fostering collaboration, disseminating knowledge, promoting innovation, and enhancing the overall quality of pediatric healthcare, ultimately benefiting the health and well-being of children around the world. This gathering unites a wide-ranging audience, including pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, nurses & nurse practitioners, residents & fellows, medical students, researchers, hospital administrators, child psychologists & psychiatrists, social workers, public health officials, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, government representatives, medical educators and other allied healthcare professionals from various multispecialty areas.

Why Attend Our Annual Meeting?

There are so many reasons. Here are the top few:

  • Find out the latest scientific innovations in pediatrics and its related fields of research.
  • Exchange up-to-date ideas, share problems, find out solutions with international peers.
  • You’ll create a network you can rely on long after the conference ends.
  • Play a role in mentoring the afterward generation of physician-scientists and academic leaders.
  • Bring home the latest up-to-dates on emerging technologies, clinical applications and practical solutions.
  • Estimate which products will be best for your organisation as lots of exhibitors showcase their products and services.

Scientific Sessions