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Orofacial and Dentistry Cosmetics

Orofacial Dentistry centers on the head, neck, mouth, face, and jaw area that undergoes the pain of muscle, nerve origin, and joint source. Orofacial pain is the medical forte of dentistry that environs treatment, management, and diagnosis of the disorders of the jaw.

Cosmetic dentistry is often used to refer to any dental work that advances the appearance (though not necessarily the functionality) of teeth, gums, and/or bites. It chiefly emphasizes enhancement in dental aesthetics in color, spot, shape, size, alignment, and whole smile appearance. Many dentists discuss themselves as "cosmetic dentists" regardless of their precise education, specialty, training, and experience in this field. This has been measured as unethical with a predominant impartiality of marketing to patients. The American Dental Association does not analyze cosmetic dentistry as an appropriate specialty area of dentistry. However, there are still dentists that endorse themselves as cosmetic dentists.