Digital Dentistry, Robotics and Nano dentistry

Digital Dentistry, Robotics and Nano dentistry

Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry encompasses the exploitation of dental technology or devices that use computer-based or digital elements. Traditional dental mediums, on the opposite hand, use mechanical or electrical trials. Computer-based technology permits dental practices to augment patient care. For this cause, dentists will give reasonable and a lot of machine-controlled treatment methods.

Dental Robotics

A Dental robot has been formed which will accomplish dental procedures. Robots, the primary wonderful invention of human beings, have created a method of dental medicine.

Nano Dentistry

Nano dentistry is claimed to be the long term of dental medicine wherever all measures are to be performed using Nanorobots that will become an auxiliary to this day dental assis­tants, technicians & hygienists. The development of Nano dental materials like Nanopowders and Nanocomposites bolstered with Nanofillers are the foremost swiftly developing cluster of materials with wonderful prospective for application in the field of dental medicine.

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