ECRG 2024

Duan Dongping speaker at European Conference on Renewable Energy and Green Chemistry
Duan Dongping

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Duan Dongping, male, doctor of metallurgical engineering, postdoctoral fellow of chemical engineering, professor and Ph.D. supervisor of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences(IPE-CAS). He is the leader of the group for Eco-friendly Resources Utilization, Key Laboratory of Green Process and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a part-time professor of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He also has many social academic part-time job, such as a member of TMS, AusIMM and IAAM, an expert committee of the National Sustainable Development Experimental Zone of the Ministry of Science and Technology, vice president of China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, the committee of Metallurgical Reaction Engineering Branch of The Chinese Society for Metals, deputy director of the editorial committee of Gold Science and Technology, etc.