ISCC 2024

Marta I Litter speaker at International Summit on Catalysis and Chemistry
Marta I Litter

National University of General San Martín, Argentina


Litter is Dr. in Chemistry (Buenos Aires University, Argentina), with postdoctorate at the University of Arizona, USA. She is a Senior Researcher at the National Research Council and a Full Professor and Consultant at the National University of San Martín (Argentina). She has more than 250 publications in journals, books, and book chapters. She received the Mercosur Prize (2006 and 2011), the Charreau Prize for Regional Scientific-Technological Cooperation, the Prize for Latin American Women in Chemistry (2021), the Houssay Prize (2022), the Konex Diploma and the Konex Platinum Prize (2023). She is a Member of TWAS, ACAL, and the Argentine Academy of Environmental Sciences.