Scientific Sessions

Liquid Biopsies: Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring

This session will focus on liquid biopsies, a groundbreaking approach in cancer research that offers non-invasive and real-time detection of cancer biomarkers in biofluids like blood and urine. Experts will present the latest advancements in liquid biopsy techniques and their transformative impact on cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring. Topics will include the clinical applications of liquid biopsies for early cancer detection, monitoring treatment response, detecting minimal residual disease, and tracking cancer evolution and metastasis. Challenges and ongoing efforts to overcome them, such as improving sensitivity and standardization, will also be discussed. Additionally, the session will highlight the potential of liquid biopsies in guiding personalized cancer treatment decisions, including identifying actionable mutations and predicting treatment response. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the technologies, clinical applications, and future directions of liquid biopsies, fostering collaboration and improving patient outcomes.