WCOC 2024

Vladimir YarovenkoSpeaker atOrganic Chemistry

Vladimir Yarovenko

Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Title: Phototransformations of 3-Acyl-2-Hetarylchromones with Nitroxyl substituents [...] Read More
Hideyuki KanematsuSpeaker atOrganic Chemistry

Hideyuki Kanematsu

National Institute of Technology, Japan
Title: Anti-biofilm coating with ionic liquids [...] Read More
Maria Jose LavoranteSpeaker atOrganic Chemistry

Maria Jose Lavorante

Institution of Scientific and Technological Research for Defense, Argentina
Title: Dry weight capacity of polymeric ion exchange membranes by conductometric titrat [...] Read More
Vishal AhujaSpeaker atOrganic Chemistry

Vishal Ahuja

University Institute of Biotechnology, India
Title: Essential oils and fatty acids in healthcare [...] Read More