Scientific Sessions

Novel Advances in Vision Improvement

Gene Therapy in the field of Eye infection treatment is a greatest accomplishment. In quality treatment, the objective is the retina, being an especially idealize organ for remedial intercessions. Likewise, as a little tissue, exceptionally compartmentalized, resistant favoured and effectively accessible. As there is no solution for the changeless vision misfortune caused by the few Retinal maladies. One of the novel restorative systems goes for the advancement of foundational microorganisms-based neuro-defensive and regenerative drug. Incipient organism, bone marrow, the locale of neuronal beginning and the eye are the fundamental wellsprings of Stem Cells for the treatment of Retinal sicknesses. Current advances are altering the personal satisfaction for those with low or hindered vision there are some up and coming innovations that will incredibly affect the lives of individuals managing weakened vision. (a) Telescopic Eye Implant (b) The Bionic Eye (c) Bionic Contact Lens (d) LASIK (e) Wave-front analysis (f) Argon or Diode laser (g) Femtosecond laser iStent (h) Ex-PRESS shunt (i) Selective laser trabeculoplasty


Regenerating The Optic Nerve

Bionic Eyes

Optical Coherence Tomography

Robot Surgery

Lens Technology

Optical Lens and Processing System