Scientific Sessions

Periodontology and Implant Dentistry

Periodontology is the study of the hard and soft tissue structure that supports the teeth and maintains their place inside the upper jawbone and jawbone. Periodontium is a group of tissues that includes an alveolar bone, root cement, periodontic ligament, and gum. The periodontic ligament, which connects the cement that covers the tooth's base, reinforces the teeth's position within the alveolar bone. These existing tissues will become used to various changes in the mouth, allowing the teeth to remain in a stable place.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for replacing a lost tooth or teeth. The Osseo implant post integrates or connects strongly with the jawbone. This results in a substitute tooth being clenched by an anchor. This capability may be utilised to replace one or numerous teeth, crowns, and even dentures. Implants function in the same way as natural teeth do. They'll require simultaneous attention and are likely to persist a long time. In the long run, dental implants will preserve the shape of your jaw, preventing the sunken-in facial appearance that is common in people who have lost teeth.